The Strain: S3

Project: Canvas Ad
Client: FX

We set out to build an immersive, hand-held experience that dynamically promoted THE STRAIN:Season 3 using the humor, action and horror elements audiences have identified with the hit FX series.

Human vs. Strigoi

Like dismembered body parts - our custom content & assets were carefully stiched together to bring to life Guillermo del Toro's unique vision as a dynamic mobile ad unit.

It's Coming To Your City!

First, we created imagery of iconic, 'infected' national monuments to set-up our epic narrative.

Then, we crafted some campy, in-brand copy to humorously present the strengths & weakness of major characters while showcasing them in some live-action, Chroma key footage.

Then, we added to the story a custom-edit battle montage, cut to a frenetic original score by our long-time collaborators at White Noise Lab.

Finally, we completed the unit's digital metamorphosis with tune-in messaging that really, really sucks!

So, please check out the below video walk-through of our Facebook Canvas for The Strain: Season 3. If you dare...