A Galaxy At Your Fingertips

'Project: The Force Awakens' Mobile Site
Client: Lucasfim / Disney

Project C set out to build an accessible, on-brand destination that would reward fans of the Star Wars franchise with exclusive first looks at a film that was heavily under wraps.

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away... Before 360° Videos On Facebook

Utilizing WebGL, we created an immersive 360° experience in which users could get an early first look at two environments from the film.

Directionally aware SFX create a sense of surround sound affected by the movement of the user - guiding them where to look next.

360° Exploration

Employing the gyroscope within mobile devices, users are able to scan these virtual environments simply by moving their phones left, right, up and down - evoking a feeling that they’re actively exploring an environment.

“Electrobinoculars” Easter Egg

With a simple double tap of the screen, the device transforms into the iconic “electrobinoculars” seen in the films. This hidden reward allows users the ability to zoom and focus on their favorite areas within the panoramic locations. Look closely and you’ll spy the Millennium Falcon hiding beneath the wind-blown flaps of a tarp!

Exclusive “Sneak Peeks”

The arid, windswept surroundings of the Jakku Marketplace and the foreboding, polished interior of the Imperial Destroyer Bay were custom built specifically for this digital experience as a first look tease of the new landscapes, vehicles and characters from the film.

Original Custom Content

To bring these worlds to life, Lucasfilm approved animations that we crafted in-house based on models supplied directly from the film’s production; TIE Fighter sorties, Landspeeders, Star Cruisers, an excited Mouser droid, and the ever curious BB-8.

Directionally aware SFX are affected by the movement of the user - guiding them where to look next. Look left and the sound from the right fades away. As an object approcaches, it gets louder. A great example is the TIE Fighter flyby.

All of these elements were critical in shaping a vibrant world users could explore to discover exclusive new film locations for the first time before the film's release.

Metrics & Results

Site traffic jumped an incredible 740% after we launched the mobile site.


Prior to launch of the site, monthly unique device visits averaged 46,660. Post launch that average jumped an incredible 740% to a whopping 345,905 monthly uniques! During the final month of the campaign, that number doubled - surging to an amazing 700,912 unique views.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens achieved the highest grossing opening weekend of 2015, and the biggest worldwide box office opening of all time!

Thank you for your consideration.